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          Fine Inkstones

          Fine Inkstones

          Categories:Focusing on inkstones in collection of masters, fine inkstones (including Duan, She, Chengni, Songhua inkstones and ones made of bricks and porcelain) and books of inkstone impressions.

          Inkstones, as one of the four treasured objects in the study, is preserved throughout the history with accumulated cultural heritage. In the 2007 spring sale, we made the debut of Fine Inkstones Sale, being the first ever in China and the world as a whole. The sale ended with an overwhelming volume of 18.3238 million yuan and 98% sold by lot. In the 2009 autumn sale, a ‘Ziyun’ inkstone inscribed by masters like Wu Changshuo and Shen Shiyou was sold for a record of 5.488 million yuan. Between 2010 and 2011, our fine inkstone sales achieved great success with 100% sold by lot for three consecutive terms. We aspire to consignment of quality inkstones with inscriptions by literati, fine inkstones of different textures and inkstone impression albums to the need of collectors.

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