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          Important Manuscripts, Photographs and Films

          Important Manuscripts, Photographs and Films

          Categories:Focusing on important manuscripts and letters

          In the 2009 autumn sale, Anthology of Trial (vol. 2) by Hu Shi was sold at 2.218 million yuan, breaking the record of a single manuscript by modern celebrities and the whole sale was sold 100% by lot. In the 2010 spring sale, the glory continued with high transaction rate and a number of lots’ sale prices were ten times the size of estimate prices. Given the historic value of manuscripts and letters by celebrities and seasoned collectors, we proceed to areas like manuscripts by literati and novelists, painter & calligrapher and politicians. In the 2010 autumn sale, a series of letters between Wei Wenbo and prominent figures of Communist Part of China were sold for exceptionally high prices. In 2011, manuscripts centering on reform and ideologies of late Qing Dynasty, Sun Yat-sen, Taiwan areas and Newly Liberated China reflects the political vicissitudes over a century truthfully.

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