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          Zisha Works of Art

          Zisha Works of Art

          Categories:Focusing on Zisha wares, including Zisha flowerpot, teapot and other works of art.

          As an auction house who is dedicated to preserving traditional Chinese culture, we lead an elegant life style among collectors. Zisha wares is such category that links life with art. From 2011, we have presented sales of Zisha tea wares, flowerpots and so on, all achieving outstanding results. In the 2012 spring sale, we underscored our position as a forerunner in this area with 91% sold by lot. In the future, we will not cease to promote our Zisha wares of a choice to seasoned collectors as well as enthusiasts.

          Tel:+86 571-8789 6778(869) E-mail: zsb@www.jaxtrcafe.com

          Customer Service:+86 571 8781 2580/8781 2600 (F))

          E-mail: kf@www.jaxtrcafe.com

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