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          The Beginning of the Next Fifteen Years, RMB 1 Billion Achieved: Rejuvenation of Scholar’s Objects Collection
          Date:2020-08-21 16:44  Author:XLPM  Source:XLPM

          Xiling Yinshe 2020 Spring Auction

          Total RMB 1.099 billion

          88 percent by lot

          Thank you for your trust and patronage

          For more evidence of the up-and-coming collection of scholar’s objects, see no more than Xiling Yinshe Auction

          This spring witnessed Xiling Yinshe Auction kicking the first goal after adequate and thoughtful preparations, and achieving the hard-earned RMB 1 billion in return of the customer’s patronage and support. While facing the great uncertainty, we strove to coordinate resources and serve our clients well so as to maintain the long-term prosperity of the art market with our improved industrial mix.  

          Just as usual, we will not be absent this spring as well as nothing could stop us in the pursuit of art. Although Xiling Yinshe 2020 Spring Auction was postponed to August by one month, the delay has never been a predicament to us, but on the contrary, it has been made an opportunity for us to dig in deeper for more values of the artworks. 

          As always, Xiling Yinshe 2020 Spring Auction featured 30 finest cross-category sales in the scale even larger than ever with all links of the auction industrial chain well-managed, from accommodation to exhibition, printing, advertisement and online sale.

          As always, auction enthusiasts are driven by the intrinsic value of the items on sale. The fervent participation again reflected the endeavor we made in academic research, which spans from illustration and literature of Wang Hui’s precious albums to letter collection from scholars of the Ming Dynasty after Qianlong and Jiaqing period in the Qing Dynasty, Lin Fengmian’s painting style in his early stage and letters collected by the Palace Museum with Huang Xiaosong’s seal on them. We believe academic research is the pivotal link of the entire value chain with tremendous spillover effect which has been proved over and over again by the academy-oriented auctions.

          As always, the live auction and online sale served by Xiling Yinshe Auction aim to meet and exceed expectations from people of different cultural backgrounds. We are in an era when art does integrate in daily life. We are in an age when collection of scholar’s objects is prevailing.

          Following auctions

          Yes August Online Auction

          Preview 8.15-8.21

          Auction 8.21-8.25


          Xiling Yinshe (Shaoxing) 2020 Autumn Auction·5th Anniversary

          Preview 9.24-9.25

          Auction 9.26-9.27

          Crowne Plaza of Shaoxing (No. 379 East Shengli Road, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing)


          Standing consignments for Xiling Yinshe 2020 Autumn Auction are available

          The collection of scholar’s objects is prevailing

          World records were set at Xiling Yinshe Auction

          Qing Dynasty  An Inkstone with Plum Blossom Pattern Inscribed by Jin Nong and Kang Tao

          Sale Price: RMB 10.58 million

          A new record for scholar’s inkstones

          Qing Dynasty  A Shoushan 'Furong' Stone 'Beast' Seal Engraved by Huang Yi for Zhang Fusheng's Private Use

          Sale Price: RMB 4.6 million

          A new record for Huang Yi’s seal cutting

          ‘Letters by Scholars of Ming Dynasty’

          The two lots, letters from Yang Shen and Shi Kefa, both sold for RMB 2.415 million

          Letters of Qu Shixiang, Huang Zunsu, Xiong Tingbi, Fan Jingwen, Qi Biaojia, Xu Wenhua, Feng Xi, Zhong Tong, Zhou Shunchang, etc. sold for RMB 26.65 million, setting new records for letters of scholars of the Ming Dynasty

          Mid-Qing Dynasty  A Purple Clay Teapot Engraved by Qu Ziye and Made by Zhenxiang

          Sale Price: RMB 4.14 million

          A new record for Ziye’s Zisha teapots

          Auction Results

          Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy

          Xiling Yinshe Auction continues the tradition of offering excellent Chinese paintings and calligraphy, presenting extraordinary breadth of masterpieces spanning works of Song, Yuan, Ming, Qing dynasties and modern times with clear provenance, and reflecting the sophisticated taste of the Chinese literati. The auction week saw a strong performance of Chinese paintings and calligraphy, with many lots sold for considerably higher prices than their pre-sale estimates and new records set.

          The six sales of Chinese paintings and calligraphy fetched over RMB 500 million. Eight lots achieved sale prices of over RMB 10 million. The offering of Classical Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy was led by four extremely rare pieces: Wang Hui’s Scenic Spots of Yushan Mountain (sale price: RMB 23.69 million) and Trip to the Mountain (sale price: RMB 12.65 million), Tang Yin’s Brushes (sale price: RMB 10.005 million) and Feng Qia’s Exuberant Cereal Plants (sale price: RMB 3.2775 million). Alongside this, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy also shone brightly in the auction. Notable highlights included Zhang Daqian’s Travel in the Huayang Mountain after Shi Tao, sold for RMB 11.155 million and Huang Binhong’s Landscape of Mount Ermei, whose bidding opened at RMB 12 million and rose swiftly before it eventually realized RMB 27.025 million.

                                         Lot 1149 Wang Hui  Scenic Spots of Yushan Mountain

                                                        Starting Price: RMB 12,000,000

                                                           Sale Price: RMB 23,690,000

                                                   Lot 1145 Wang Hui  Trip To The Mountain

                                                           Starting Price: RMB 3,600,000

                                                             Sale Price: RMB 12,650,000

                                                  Lot 1070 Tang Yin  Brushes

                                                  Sale Price: RMB 10,005,000

                       Lot 1006 [Ruan Yuan, Liang Tongshu, Etc.] Feng Qia  Exuberant Cereal Plants

                                                         Starting Price: RMB 150,000

                                                         Sale Price: RMB 3,277,500

                                              Lot 2880 Huang Binhong  Landscape of Mount Ermei

                                                          Starting Price: RMB 12,000,000

          Sale Price: RMB 27,025,000

                                  Lot 789 Zhang Daqian  Travel in the Huayang Mountain after Shi Tao

                                                          Starting Price: RMB 5,800,000

                                                           Sale Price: RMB 11,155,000

          The Sale of Letters by Scholars of Ming Dynasty was a big hit, with collectors quite satisfied with their trophies after intensive bidding battles. The ‘white glove’ sale totaled RMB 26.65 million. The top price was achieved by the letter of Yang Shen, who was among the three well-known talents in the Ming Dynasty. Bidding started at RMB 80,000 and quickly rose to the final sale of RMB 2.415 million, establishing a record for Yang Shen’s letters. We are firmly convinced that the charm of scholars of Ming Dynasty will be prevailing, resulting in the integrated sales of their objects in the following auctions.

          The sale brought together 38 works, most of whose bidding started at RMB 80,000. However, we were excited to find that 8 of them reached final prices of over RMB 1 million, including letters of Shi Kefa (sale price: RMB 2.415 million), Zuo Guangdou (sale price: RMB 2.185 million) and Xia Yan (sale price: RMB 1.955 million). New world auction records were also established for letters of Qu Shisi, Huang Zunsu, Xiong Tingbi, Fan Jingwen, Qi Biaojia, Xu Wenhua, Feng Xi, Zhong Tong, Zhou Shunchang, etc.

                                                           Lot 952 Yang Shen?Letter

                                                          Starting Price: RMB 80,000

                                                           Sale Price: RMB 2,415,000

                                              Auction record set for Yang Shen’s letters

          Important Letters and Manuscripts

          Important Letters and Manuscripts and Sanningzhai's Collection opened with letters from Xu Beihong to Wang Shaoling and Wang Yachen, catering to the discerning and diverse tastes of collectors today. The sale, which set off to a good start with the 13 letters producing a sustained bidding battle before selling for RMB 3.5765 million, achieved a combined total of RMB 31.95045 million. The increasing importance of scholars’ letters, which are the essence of culture and history, was evidenced by the high sell-through rate of nearly 90% by lots and recognized by the art market. 

          The 13 letters, spanning 14 years from 1935 to 1949, are from Xu Beihong, an artist and educator in modern times, to Wang Shaoling, an American Chinese painter. They talked about art education, painting exhibitions, political situation, friends, among others, in the letters. Xu also introduced Wang to Wang Yachen. Few as the number of the letters, we can catch a glimpse of how Xu Beihong got to know Wang Shaoling and Xu’s support and appreciation for younger artists. The 13 letters, preserved in brilliant condition by the previous collector, are quite rare and precious.

                                   Autograph Letters Signed to Wang Shaoling and Wang Yachen

                                                            Sale Price: RMB 3,576,500

          Fine Ancient Books and Ink Rubbings

          Fine Ancient Books and Ink Rubbings has always been committed to offering you with the finest items. This year’s sale featured 161 lots including Buddhist scriptures, ending up with RMB 24.434 million, selling 83.23% by lot. The top price was achieved by Yi He Ming, collected by Zhu Jing. The lot inspired a flurry of intense bidding between clients and phone bidders in the salerooms, which saw it soar past its high estimate before selling for RMB 3.9675 million. Equally fascinating were Ding Wu Ben Lan Ting Xu, Portraits of Zen Monks, Jia Tai Pu Deng Lu (Vol. 27) and Manuscripts by Zheng Wenzhuo.

          The strong performance of Fine Ancient Books and Ink Rubbings were evidenced by Xin Kan Guo Chao Er Bai Jia Ming Xian Wen Cui, block-printed by Meishanshuyinzhai in 1197, fetched RMB 172,500, another proof of the market appetite for top quality artworks.

                                             Lot 413 [Zhu Jing, Wang Yun, etc.]  Yi He Ming

                                                         Sale Price: RMB 3,967,500

                                     Lot 415 [Gu Guangqi, Gong Zizhen, etc.] Ding Wu Ben Lan Ting Xu

                                                               Starting Price: RMB 60,000

                                                               Sale Price: RMB 2,587,500

                                                              Lot 384 Portraits of Zen Monks

                                                                Sale Price: RMB 2,185,000

                                                       Lot 383 Jia Tai Pu Deng Lu (Vol. 27)

                                                              Sale Price: RMB 1,840,000

                            Lot 376 [Wu Changshuo and Deng Lian]  Manuscripts by Zheng Wenzhuo

                                                            Starting Price: RMB 60,000

                                                            Sale Price: RMB 1,150,000

          Seal Cuttings, Inkstones and Inksticks

          Auction of seal cuttings, inkstones and inksticks comprised Entertaining Seals by Masters, Study Series·Seal Cuttings by Modern and Contemporary Chinese Masters and Study Series·Fine Inkstones and Inksticks, totaling RMB 63.534 million.

          Seal cuttings featured two sales, covering works of masters of different schools since Ming and Qing dynasties. The top lot was a Shoushan 'Furong' stone 'beast' seal engraved by Huang Yi For Zhang Fusheng's private use, which sold for RMB 4.6 million, creating a record price for the artist at auction. Huang Yi was a master of seal cutting art in the mid-Qing dynasty with litter works seen on the market. The seal of ‘Jian Yuan Lao Ren’ was elaborately carved, presenting the charm of seals of Han Dynasty, as it was a masterpiece created in Huang’s prime of life. Due to our research on Huang Yi’s letters, we began to know his line of work, close friends and locations he based. You can find the seal impression on Album of Letters by Huang Yi to Zhang Aiding collected by the Palace Museum. Research results showed that the seal was engraved for Zhang Fusheng (master of Jianyuan Garden) who was also from a family dedicated to flood control.

             Lot 3263 Qing Dynasty  A Shoushan 'Furong' Stone 'Beast' Seal Engraved by Huang Yi for Zhang Fusheng's Private Use

          Sale Price: RMB 4,600,000

          Auction record set for Huang Yi’s seal cutting

          The lightly carved Shoushan Stone seal was made by Qi Baishi for Chen Zhichu’s private use.  It was engraved with fine poems and delicate landscape pattern. Qi’s superb skills came across in each facet. The seal fetched RMB 2.185 million.

                                       Lot 3294 A Pair of Lightly Carved Shoushan Stone Seals by Qi Baishi

                                                                Sale Price: RMB 2,185,000

                                 Lot 3289 Qing Dynasty  A Shoushan Stone Seal Engraved by Wu Changshuo

                                                                   Sale Price: RMB 598,000

                      Lot 3255 A Pair Of Qingtian Stone Seals Engraved by Tang Zuishi for Wang Ti's Private Use

                                                                 Sale Price: RMB 494,500

                                                  Auction record set for Tang Zuishi’s seal cutting

          The sales of fine inkstones and inksticks also saw a strong result for an inkstone with plum blossom pattern inscribed by Jin Nong and Kang Tao, which fetched RMB 10.58 million, set a world record for scholar’s inkstones in auction history. Jin Nong, one of the eight scholars in Yangzhou, was also an important inkstone collector in the Qing Dynasty. Rich as his collection was, however, they were rarely seen, neither were the rubbings of inkstones. Therefore, the lot refreshed people’s knowledge about the inkstones collected by Jin Nong.

               Lot 3566 Qing Dynasty  An Inkstone with Plum Blossom Pattern Inscribed by Jin Nong and Kang Tao

                                                            Sale Price: RMB 10,580,000

                                                 Auction record set for scholar’s inkstones

                           Lot 3633 Kangxi Period, Qing Dynasty  Four Inksticks with 'Qinglinsui' Mark

                                                            Sale Price: RMB 287,500

          Study Series · Refined Articles in the Study 

          In the category of articles in the study, there are many sub-categories, scholar’s works collected by literati, refined articles inscribed by masters and works of art from imperial court, covering bamboo wares, jade arts, stone wares and metal works such as brushpots, trays, inkstones, seals, censers, statues, pendants, ornaments and so forth, which were always shared with family and friends for taste cultivation. All the categories resulted in stellar deals.

          Everlasting Glory · Refined Articles in the Study and Study Series · Refined Articles in the Study presented numerous exquisite works helping the two sales witness the enormous enthusiasm from the participants with a sell-through rate above 90%. The sale of Li Chengfa collection which was debuted in the fifteenth anniversary of Xiling Yinshe Auction in the autumn of 2019 with prominent responses continued its success and even surpassed the previous for its 100 percent sell-through rate. 

                                        Lot 4441  A Jadeite Carving Group of Tigers and Monkeys 

                                                         Starting Price: RMB 1,800,000

                                                          Sale Price: RMB 6,325,000

          Lot 3931  A Large ‘Daxidong’ Duan Inkstone with Plum Blossom Pattern Painted by Cheng Shifa and Engraved by Xu Xiaomu

                                                                Starting Price: RMB 30,000

                                                                Sale Price: RMB 1,184,500

          Lot 4013  Song Dynasty  An Inscribed Yellow Jade Ornament with Poem Inscription and ‘Xuanhe’ Mark

                                                        Starting Price: RMB 60,000

                                                         Sale Price: RMB 1,173,000

          Lot 4033  Daoguang Period, Qing Dynasty  Fan Ribs Engraved by Zhang Xin and Inscribed by Zhang Tingji

                                                           Starting Price: RMB 50,000

                                                            Sale Price: RMB 299,000

                                   Lot 3866  Qing Dynasty  A Bronze Censer with ‘Liu Qilong’ Mark

                                                             Sale Price: RMB 667,000

          Ceramics of Different Dynasties 

          Chinese Ceramics of Song and Yuan Dynasties embodies the grace and elegance of the scholars in the Southern Song Dynasty. From the official ceramics in Song Dynasty to Xuzhentang collection of a ‘Cong’-style vase and an exceptional hat-shaped oil-spotted tea bowl, all the ceramics featuring simplicity, unsophisticatedness and distinctive literati style went under the hammer. Among them was a ‘Ge’ flowerpot decorated by delicate glaze and golden cracks pattern achieved RMB 5,980,000 after multiple biddings on site.

                                  Lot 1927  Southern Song Dynasty  A Fine Square‘Ge’ Flowerpot

                                                         Sale Price: RMB 5,980,000


                                                  Lot 1935  Southern Song Dynasty  An Official

                                                                   Drum’ Scholar’s Object

          Sale Price: RMB 2,760,000

                               Lot 1919  Southern Song Dynasty  A ‘Longquan’ Pale Celadon-Glazed Vase

                                                                  Sale Price: RMB 3,450,000

                                     Lot 1909  Southern Song Dynasty  A ‘Jian’ Tenmoku Tea Bowl

                                                          Sale Price: RMB 1,782,500

          Another ceramic sale – Chinese Ceramics of Ming and Qing Dynasties also exhibited various masterpieces made in the prosperous Ming and Qing Dynasties. A white-glazed jar with three loops for slinging from the Yongle period of Ming Dynasty, a unique one of its kind so far, was the blockbuster of the sale in addition to other superior articles ranging from blue-and-whites to famille verte porcelains, and ceramics in yellow, red and celadon glazes.

          Lot 2101 Qianlong Period, Qing Dynasty  A Blue-and-White Vase with Floral and Fruit Patterns and ‘Qianlong’ Mark, Meiping

                                                              Sale Price: RMB 4,600,000

          Lot 2090  Yongzheng Period, Qing Dynasty  A Blue-and-White Vase with Floral Pattern and ‘Yongzheng’ Mark

                                                            Sale Price: RMB 2,990,000

                                        Lot 2095  Yongle Period, Ming Dynasty  A White-Glazed Jar

                                                                Sale Price: RMB 2,185,000

               Lot 2103  Kangxi Period, Qing Dynasty  A Clair-de-Lune-Glazed Vase with ‘Kangxi’ Mark, Meiping

                                                              Sale Price: RMB 1,840,000

          Lot 2057  Xuande Period, Ming Dynasty  A Blue-and-White Bird Feeding Jar with Floral Pattern and ‘Xuande’ Mark

                                                              Sale Price: RMB 920,000

          Chinese Zisha Wares, Tea Sets and Fine Tea

          The sale of Chinese Zisha Wares, Tea Sets and Fine Tea inherited its previous high popularity with a sell-through rate as high as 95%. The high point, a purple clay teapot engraved by Qu Ziye and made by Zhenxiang in mid-Qing Dynasty concluded at RMB 4,140,000, breaking a record for Qu Ziye’s Zisha works.  Another teapot, which was co-worked by Qu Ziye and other craftsmen, and inscribed with Chen Mansheng’s poem Zhong Yu Xian Guan Shi Chao from top to bottom, was not just a salute from Qu to the master Chen Mansheng, but also a demonstration of heritage of both skills and spirits from the previous generation of Zisha craftsmen to the next.

                Lot 2297  Mid-Qing Dynasty  A Purple Clay Teapot Engraved by Qu Ziye and Made by Zhenxiang

                                                            Sale Price: RMB 4,140,000

          Chinese Paper Money & Coins 

          The sale of Chinese Paper Money & Coins is also characterized by its numerous highlights which were sold dramatically above their estimates. The lots auctioned showed the great capability of the Department of Chinese Coins & Paper Money in market positioning, expertise in customer service and strict screening mechanism.

          The sale was highlighted by the prices of multiple lots beyond expectation from the market, in particular, the gold and silver ingots and sycees. A one-tael gold ingot with ‘Chen Erlang’ mark from the Southern Song Dynasty started from RMB 20,000 and was ended up with RMB 80,500. A pair of silver sycees from Qing Dynasty started from RMB 50,000 and was sold for RMB 460,000. A silver coin with dragon pattern and the portrait of Yuan Shih-kai from the Republic of China period achieved RMB 345,000. All evidenced the great market appetite and tremendous potential of such kinds of lots at Xiling Yinshe Auction. The gold and silver ingots and sycees will be indisputably the focus in our following consignments in addition to our regular consignment for coins, and we welcome more consignment of such treasures.    

                                                Lot 5128  Qing Dynasty  A Pair of Silver Sycees

                                                            Starting Price: RMB 50,000

                                                             Sale Price: RMB 460,000

          Chinese Buddhist Art 

          Elegant and Magnificent·Chinese Buddhist Art continued its emphasis on artistic, academic and market values. Among the fervent biddings on site, the wares and statues from imperial courts of Ming and Qing dynasties were quite eye-catching and hammered at the prices as high as expected by most of the collectors.

          The lot of ‘Kangxi Period, Qing Dynasty  A Lacquered Figure of Amitabha’ was sold for RMB 529,000 far beyond its estimate, the lot of ‘Qianlong Period, Qing Dynasty  A Gilt-Bronze Censer, A Vase and A Case’, although small, wowed bidders for its stellar RMB 1,380,000, and the lot of ‘Ming Dynasty  A Gilt-Bronze Figure of Sakyamuni and Base’ concluded unexceptionally at RMB 2,185,000 after fierce bidding, far higher than its estimate of RMB 1,200,000. The impressed achievement of Chinese Buddhist Art demonstrates the change of the focus of the market appetite toward the high quality but extremely rare artworks.

                                Lot 2481  Ming Dynasty  A Gilt-Bronze Figure of Sakyamuni and Base

                                                            Sale Price: RMB 2,185,000

          Sales Celebrating Lin Fengmian’s 120th Birth·Modern and Contemporary Oil Paintings and Sculpture 

          The night of August 8 witnessed the auction of ‘Like A Rising Wind: The Sale Celebrating Lin Fengmian’s 120th Birth’. The sale is filled with colored ink masterpieces executed by Lin Fengmian from the period just prior to Lin’s departure for overseas study in 1919 to his tenure as a schoolmaster around the 1930s and the period of the war of resistance against Japan. The collective presence of the treasures was unprecedented and so were their values. As such, all the lots went under the hammer with their reserve price for bidders.

          At the auction, the first lot Wild Geese was directly bid for RMB 1 million and the price soon soared through RMB 3 million, RMB 6 million, RMB 9 million, RMB 10 million, and eventually arrived at amazing RMB 16,675,000. The lot Sparrows was sold for RMB 8,050,000. As a result, six lots contributed RMB 35,075,000.

                                                   Lot 1410  Lin Fengmian  Wild Geese

                                                        Sale Price: RMB 16,675,000

          Yan Wenliang’s work Magnolia took the top spot at Modern and Contemporary Oil Paintings and Sculpture. Like Lin Fengmian, Yan was also one of the pioneers exploring modern Chinese art education. This lot was a sequel to the auction of the important works by Xu Beihong, Lin Fengmian and Liu Haisu. As a culmination of Yan’s artistic career, the lot which was used to be exhibited and published numerous times finally achieved RMB 3,392,500, a convincing outcome that the market associated with the academic research on modern Chinese art history by Xiling Yinshe Auction. 

                                                        Lot 1463  Yan Wenliang  Magnolia

                                                           Sale Price: RMB 3,392,500

          Comics, Illustrations & Cartoons by Chinese Masters

          Comics, Illustrations & Cartoons by Chinese Masters also concluded with a high sell-through rate of 91%, and all the lots were sold well, no matter comics or Chinese paintings and calligraphy by masters, among which, Zhang Daqian’s White Plum Blossom sold for RMB 3,105,000 highly above its predicted price of RMB 900,000. The original works for the comic strip The Story of Comrade Men He created by Fan Zeng and Guan Jingyu, which was precious for its symbolizing of Fan Zeng’s goodwill toward the comic strip industry, also achieved RMB 2,090,000 eventually. 

          Lot 3191  Fan Zeng and Guan Jingyu  Original Works for the Comic Strip The Story of Comrade Men He

                                                            Sale Price: RMB 2,093,000

          Chinese Ancient Jade Art·Jade Carvings by Contemporary Chinese Masters 

          Jade category performed steadily with a sell-through rate of 90% at Chinese ancient jade art. A white jade incense burner with ‘Ru Yi’ pattern from Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty, which is made of mild and delicate jade in an auspicious design, started at RMB 1,800,000 and fetched RMB 2,990,000. The lot printed on the cover of the catalogue of the jade carvings by contemporary Chinese masters, a white jade ‘peach’ brush washer which is vivid and made by Gao Yijin was sold for RMB 3,240,000.

                  Lot 4269  Qianlong Period, Qing Dynasty  A White Jade Incense Burner with ‘Ru Yi’ Sceptre

                                                             Sale Price: RMB 2,990,000

                                          Lot 4703  Gao Yijin  A White Jade ‘Peach’ Brush Washer

                                                            Sale Price: RMB 3,243,000

          Magnificent Jewels 

          At Oriental Beauty·Magnificent Jewels, the highlight, a suite of Muzo emerald necklace, earrings and ring jewelry set was hammered at over RMB 10 million for its luxury and exquisite design and craftsmanship as well as the transparent Muzo emerald with good fire.   

                             Lot 614  A Suite of Muzo Emerald Necklace, Earrings and Ring Jewelry Set

                                                            Sale Price: RMB 10,120,000

          Fine Chinese Liquor Moutai·Chinese Tonics

          The sales of Fine Chinese Liquor Moutai and Chinese Tonics were arranged on the first auction day of Xiling Yinshe 2020 Spring Auction. The high popularity and enthusiast biddings of the first two auctions ensured a stellar commencement of this spring auction. Fine Chinese Liquor Moutai continued its good word of mouth and advantage of the brand of Xiling Yinshe, boosted the liquor consumption and reinforced the market with strong confidence and vitality. Among them are the popular ‘Iron Cap Series’ which were sold with high premiums. The rare Kweichow Moutai made in the early 1970s (cotton paper package with sunflower mark) even set off a bidding battle across the auction platforms until it was sold for RMB 552,000, around two times higher than its estimate of RMB 300,000.

                                             Lot 3470  Kweichow Moutai Made in the Early 1970s

                                                               Sale Price: RMB 552,000

                                                   A symbol of the spring on a branch,

                                                                          like a dream,

                                                                     quiet and peaceful,

                                                                  just as those past days.

                                                                   Xiling Yinshe Auction

                                                               Staying True to Its Mission

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